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What is Nelson AI Sandbox?

The Nelson AI Sandbox (NAIS) has been created as a not-for-profit educational subsidiary of Nelson AI Insitute, running a store-front discovery space in the Nelson CBD where anyone can have a free hands-on AI experience and learn about AI and its applications.

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This will include both drop-in and scheduled visits with a ‘subscription-carousel’ of AI tools and software in an unintimidating, collaborative, community-building space.

It is the intention of the NAIS's larger mission to undertake a range of activities related to community outreach focused on AI:

  • Schools Extension Program
  • Maori Facilitation Program
  • Business Outreach Program
  • Creative Community Access Program
  • Local Government Introduction Program

The Nelson AI Sandbox will empower and educate the Nelson-Tasman community in the use of artificial intelligence to create more prosperity, productivity, and opportunity in the community.

Who is it for and how to use it?

AI Sandbox is for everyone!

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  • Come in and have a play with AI
  • Free For All To Use - We are a non-profit.
  • Tech newbie or tech expert – all are welcome.
  • Is Artificial Intelligence a threat, or a tool to be used? You decide.
  • We have the latest AI engines, tools, apps, AI assistants and plug-ins. Give it a go!
  • Self-exploration, or guided tour of AI
  • Bring your own device, or use one of ours.

Why we are doing it?

There is a pressing need, and a rich opportunity, for NZ communities to more fully understand, explore, and cultivate the opportunities AI presents.

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Some data:

  1. New Zealand makes a poor showing in a recent report from Oxford Insights that looks at governmental artificial intelligence readiness. The Government AI Readiness Index 2023, released in December, ranks NZ 49th out of the193 countries included, sandwiched between Latvia and Oman. The report aimed to answer the question: “How ready is a given government to implement AI (artificial intelligence) in the delivery of public services to their citizens?”
  2. The NZ AI Forum Conducted a Survey

Some notable findings:

  • “AI has the potential to increase New Zealand GDP by up to 54 billion dollars.”
  • “44% consider education as a key barrier to AI adoption.”
  • “52% say that AI will be, or already is, a game changer in their organisation.”
  • “AI frees people up to focus on more complex, high- value tasks.”
  • New Zealand organisations are not taking AI, or the competitive pressure that AI will create, seriously.
  • AI powered learning systems could be developed to help individuals at all stages of their working life who need to upskill.
  • The traditional model of learn, work, retire will become increasingly irrelevant as AI and other automation technologies reshape the way we engage with work and society. Current roles will be reshaped, others displaced and entirely new roles created. Regardless of individual role changes, access to lifelong learning will become increasingly essential. In the years to come There will be a growing need to retrain adult workers.

Come visit us at 228 Trafalgar St, Nelson

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Frequently asked questions

Everyone in the community – this is a community capability building and social cohesion project. It is like asking who is electricity for?  Or, who will benefit from the internet?  The Nelson AI Sandbox is for everyone.

Everyone can benefit from good uses of AI.  Everyone needs a non-threatening way to experiment with AI and to understand how to use it as a tool in their lives.  If an entire community does this , that community will have a lead in adapting to this new world compared to other communities. Creating opportunity, identity  and confidence for that community.

NAIS helps the entire community.  It is a leveller, a place for social interaction, and a place for city centre activation.

Welcome to
AI Sandbox

AI Sandbox is a not-for-profit organisation that’s here to help you learn and understand AI. Our funding relies heavily on proof of use therefore we need your support by Subscribe below.

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Welcome to
AI Sandbox

AI Sandbox is a not-for-profit organisation that’s here to help you learn and understand AI. Our funding relies heavily on proof of use therefore we need your support by Subscribe below.

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